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Our project managers have decades of experience in the fertilizer industry. They know what is required to create a well-planned fertilizer facility build. The first step is asking the right questions.

start with the right plan 


Choosing to design-build a fertilizer facility can help you avoid losing productivity, construction delays, and unforeseen costs that accompany having a plant manager oversee multiple contractors. At Total Fertilizer Construction, we know the ins and outs of liquid fertilizer facility construction like no one else, and our knowledge can make the difference between a timely, successful project and a costly one with delay after delay.

No two fertilizer facilities are alike. At Total Fertilizer Construction, we recognize this by asking the right questions and assisting the customer in deciding what is needed for this facility and what is needed for future expansion. 

We are familiar with all of the state regulations and the major contractors in the industry. We have the connections and knowledge to ensure your facility is completed to code and soundly built. Cutting corners is not tolerated by our team.

Let us show you how we accomplished our past projects and demonstrate how our experience can work to make your next fertilizer facility project a success.

problems solved

  • Overall Project Design
  • Contractor Bid Management
  • Permit Acquisition
  • On-Site Construction Management

meet project milestones


Every fertilizer facility project is different and will require careful management of every step. Our experience enables Total Fertilizer Construction to address situations before they become problems.


  • Project Planning
  • Compliance Verification
  • Milestone Creation & Management
  • Automation Consultation

Total Fertilizer Construction makes a facility build easy for you by streamlining the process and using its connections in the industry to obtain bids from the best vendors in the business.