Design-build focuses on the involvement of the client in deciding what they want and need in collaboration with the project manager. The result is a final project that satisfies the client's needs without the hassle to the client of coordinating the multitude of contractors and completing the mountain of paperwork.

professional guidance

involvement without the hassle

Cost reduction

Design-build project managers know the going rate of good contractors and can make the bidding competitive while achieving quality work. Because a good contractor wants repeat work from a design-build company, good contractors do not add frivolous change-orders or unnecessarily increase their costs during a build. Such price gouging unfortunately can happen when a plant manager organizes a one-time facility project.

Another source of cost saving in a design-build is the project manager keeping the build on schedule and preventing any costly mistakes or missed details by contractors.

The biggest benefit of choosing a design-build is relying on the expertise and experience of the design-build team. Designing and building fertilizer facilities is the team's focus, and they have gained insight to the best methods in various circumstances, the best contractors, and the regulations that must be met. The result is a fertilizer facility built to your specific needs that is completed on time and within budget.

A design-build is centrally coordinated by a project manager who maps out the build timeline and is involved from start to finish to ensure the process runs smoothly. This eliminates missed paperwork, time gaps in construction, and details being missed. Using a design-build project manager results in a facility being completed in less time compared to a build being managed by a plant manager. This is because the build process is the project manager's expertise and sole focus.


Why choose a design-build:

streamlined process