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Reputation is built on results. That is why we ensure every project is thoughtfully planned and expertly executed. Our multitude of repeat customers is proof of our excellent reputation.

It's plain and simple. The TFC team has over 45 combined years of experience in the fertilizer construction industry and has witnessed how other companies deliver over or under built facilities based on profit as opposed to the customer's needs.

We started TFC so that customers have a choice to use a design-build company with integrity and customer focus. TFC operates with open book transparency. We will show you the bids we receive and all of the costs on a project. TFC also provides you with straightforward, honest advice. Our pride is not in profit, but in a job well done.

Every project begins with an assessment of what you want need from the new facility. Discussions based on tonnage, transportation, timing, and logistics determine the best and most efficient fertilizer facility design. The final design takes into consideration your current needs as well as possible future expansions.

With a TFC design-build, all engineering is completed in-house. Our engineering team is the leader of innovation in fertilizer facilities. Having designed projects including fertilizer manufacturing facilities, facilities in ship terminals, train unloads, and unattended fertilizer facilities, the TFC engineering team has a wide range of experience to create the best designed facility for each customer.

Have you heard of fertilizer facility build catastrophes? Issues from lack of proper permitting to long gaps in construction due to contractor miscommunication or a contractor quiting the job can make managing a fertilizer facility build a nightmare for a plant manager. Choosing to use the expertise of TFC to manage the process details while you make the major design decisions saves you time, money, and frustration.

  • Contractor Bid Management
  • State and Federal Permit Acquisition
  • Creation & Management of Project Timeline
  • On-Site Management

meet our team

Chris has been around above ground storage tank facilities since he was a teenager and has traveled the country managing liquid storage tank projects. His experience led him to pioneer using a PVC internal liner in the fertilizer tank industry.

A design-build includes every detail of a fertilizer facility build from start to finish. Below are the main services encompassed in a TFC design-build:

  • Ensure Quality Materials and Workmanship
  • Coordination of Contractors
  • Facility Commissioning
  • Oversight of State Inspections

Greg is a civil engineer with over 20 years of experience in fertilizer industry, building every size of facility and working in almost every state in the U.S. He's concentrated in the fertilizer industry, pushing the line of innovation in fertilizer facility design.

why Choose total fertilizer construction

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design-Build Services

  • Assessment of Current and Future Needs
  • Customer-Focused Plan Design
  • In-House Engineering & Drawings
  • Complete Regulation Compliance


Total Fertilizer Construction is wholly committed to designing and coordinating the build of the best fertilizer facility for each customer while eliminating the headache of coordinating a facility project.


At Total Fertilizer Construction, our methodology is to clearly understand a customer's needs and deliver a finished facility that exceeds expectations in both functionality and timeliness.